(Originally published in the Cascade magazine cy 2007)

God created the world out of love. Love then has shared by HIS people. The chain that connects race beyond and beneath the reach of mortal hands. Aliens if it’s real, thus, have GOD’s fair and equal care. In our today’s domination of men, of all high-ranked men ruled over men, competition bathed all walks. Why there are businessmen? Why compose business? There! The essence of competition each desire-carrier has the answer.

Thousands of years counted brawls. Reasons grappled by their own pride on metrical sensibilities. We had witness the downfall of great empires. We shared the glorious victory of the oppressed. We wept at their misfortune, hence, shall celebrate their independence.

It took some time to relinquish against history of horror when appear in the desert of mighty luxury. Is mind valiant than heart? The more the mind wants the more pain it has. The more it speaks, the more desire and the more failure have to come. Now, speak your heart. When we are angry, we see the world of aggression and injustice. When frightened, we see only our fears, a menacing world. In our confusion, the whole world seems upside down. When we relate from our heart, we see a world of awareness and effortless activity. When we relate from the mind, our perception of the world is imprisoned by our presence and thirsts. To relate and reflect ask this yourself: “How can I be happy when I depend so much on what is given to create my happiness? How can I depend so much on external condition for my peace of mind?”

Well, have I created you confusion? Or, have I shared a part of me to render the key long way towards your conscious yet unconcern restrain?

Freedom, the word itself was invented because there is oppression and injustice. We started to understand its existence on the hour of Lucifer’s ungrateful betrayal. Thus, his pitfall ends in flaming hell. Evil knows more than we do what freedom is. He desired freedom, in fact, which is to end being under his king, the mightiest of all rulers, remain a living example of man’s sinful acts over his brothers. An evil knows no exemptions. There is no thicker of the thickest blood when he manipulates.

Our human nature, sinful and imperfect makes use of those given freedom (which some created by men) to trample helpless beings, of dragging down their also known own freedom. Controlling our lives is one way of practical tame on its understandings, to control is of a sheer domination—mind, body, sound, beats, whispers, counts and cheers. Isn’t it good on fixation nonetheless of your territories and claimed belongings? Nobody has the control on others except GOD. Even husbands themselves neither wives have complete control on each other. We may however, have our own status and rules to follow in this vast world. The world of almost and always denied, which in its eventualities has in this world. The world of almost and always denied supposed justice. Whereupon, all souls-searching peace and unholy will be equal on its whip. No more status, no longer rulers nor slaves. Evils will be punished and denied the lounge even at the heaven’s gate. Evil in this world looks no evil, have neither wagging tails nor two-pointed horns. But as I’ve said all will be judged not by jurors’ product of popular law- schools. Even to top at bar exam isn’t needed, at all. Whenever possible, try to secure your passport, almost aware and always prepared. That passport is no more than a transact card, a booklet or a piece of something in a way to travel overseas. More than that as you could imagine. It is a business card for transacting goodies of unimagined life after life after life. Keep it. Be good and God-fearing faithful servants. Serve those weak and helpless. That passport may look thin but it is pretty much thick of words and principles, passages, verses, praises, emotions, anointment, hopes, faith and greatness contained in any but only in The Holy Book —BIBLE.

I wish nothing could stop me on running this 2B staedtler. Bunch of words and unlimited ideas started to splash and soak these piles of papers but let me be to end this, mean to draw conclusion. Notwithstanding, I also am human. I slipped off to pronounce but “I have to rest…it’s getting late.” I pray that desires of human nature may not take lead higher than those contented peace of mind. I pray that our physical weaknesses like thirst, hunger and tiredness won’t get us into nonsense vengeance or pessimism and death. Actually, I was astonished to confirm but I admit, I am ruled at this very moment by my heart. Emotions imprint uncontrolled products of emotion. There! So that you’ll be aware to take hold and control of your emotion. Cheer up. God had seen you bewildered but against any forces (external, evil, good…), He will enlighten your mind and pamper your heart.

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