Why mistakes do often remembered?

Why mistakes do often remembered? 

In our lives’ circumstances we can’t escape to fall on doing bunch of mistakes, would hurt somebody’s feelings and would have stampeded their rights unintentionally. These would leave us with bitter and painful sufferings and blaming one for such foolish mistakes. Your guilt keeps on teasing you and will bring you into suffering that ends to a greater anguish.

Oftentimes, people put judgement upon you, not on what great and noble things you’ve done but on the contrary. They’ll always put an eye on how often you’ll going to make mistakes as if you commit a crime or a great sin. And they in times never failed to put those mistakes in a list. They’ll never ever forget those. Thus, they will disregard your good qualities, your good intentions, and you as s good person.  Instead of helping you—being a weak person to stand up, to lift you up, they would even make it worst; would make fun of you, would put rumours over you, would curse you and even pull your courage into least. These in return would bring the anxiety into frustration–leading into the pit of darkness, of losing hope: might be the hint of killing oneself to end the suffering.

Why do we judge a person who committed a single mistake as if it was an unforgiving sin? In fact, we also may be judged on how we judge another as what the scriptures says, “In whatever you judge another you condemned yourself. – Romans 2:1” This tells us that we human being, sinners and unholy had no right to judge one another. But rather, we sinners are to be judged in accordance to our performance by the ultimate judge of the living and dead (GOD).

As to how actors were judged, applauded and cheered by the audience every time they do magnificent performance in a drama or role play up on stage, just imagine you’re in a mirror. As you continue visualizing that person—reflecting yourself, your moral and spiritual self, you can realized the worth of being a person is not to live for yourself alone but to be a person full of tact, consideration and sensitivity towards other entity’s feelings.  For doing so, you may now have the better life with pride for you know that you’re good not just through the eyes of the audience but also to the eyes of the great judge—the ALMIGHTY.


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