To fall yet rise, to weep yet laugh,

To fall yet rise, to weep yet laugh, to pause yet forge, to sing the flats, to dance the superimpose pairs, to befriend with ants, cockroaches and mice, to walk with thy shadow and to talk with thy echo…these we’re never meant untrue, uncertain and convincing. Some may be superficial but strikes the cadence of our dull imperfect senses.

Our prints may convince amazingly, however, not so passable as it could be. But we did, we tried, we fought to strike. So hard like kissing the soles on the ground it is which pens and papers reminisce and pamper. Only they could share, sympathize, mumble and outrage but will forget that and totally erased. That is to forgive.

Thanks for the pride. Scintillate the dimmest dreams. Never forget to love the thorns, which helps a lot squeeze the bitterness of the bile throwing itself while passing the slippery gall. For the adventure of life is to learn; challenge is to overcome; essence is to care; opportunityImage is to serve; secret is to dare; spice is to befriend; beauty is to give; and, joy is to LOVE. Keep loving and enjoy reading. 


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