COMFORT ZONE -jenny nalzaro

(this feature article was originally published in The CASCADE, official student publication of my dear college in March 2006 (Vol. 21 No. 2), my second term as Editor-in-Chief which was uneasy but worthwhile.)

Got everything: friends suitors, high grades, popularity, acceptance, admiration and money? What else could you ask for? You have endured all of that and have passed through millions of the narrowest needles. Predicaments you know aren’t easy. You  have heard the nights of your endless cry, weeping from the pangs of continuous lash, then asking for solace. Your cry pervades all through the night between those dim walls.

The irritating ray of the sunshine woke you. Oh! Find yourself low lying barely out of bed and had slept in the cold base of the four-walled. “What happened?”, you whisper with grimaced face. You have felt great pain in your head. Promptly, you went on fixing yourself, recalling what happened last night. Until…you found your soles sticking through the coarse-particles. You’re in a shore! And how have you got yourself there? “Oh I’m not! I’m conscious now, not at all drunk!” For a while, your puzzled-mind felt solemness in the place, ‘Take a walk’, suddenly you heard from nowhere. Reluctantly, your feet find their way through the cool sand hit by foams of the waves. The day was fine and you find peace with its company. Your mind is no longer running billions of brain cells asking: What, How, Where, When…

After an hour of attaining much consciousness, events suddenly flash through your subconscious mind. Pictures visualize both positive and negative forces. Then, you have been reminiscing the past events. The exact word now was clearly injecting your senses. It spelled ;B-L-I-S-S. Continue to download then its meaning and graphics printed out. It reads: Individuals’ fads, not contented with what they had, journeyed and lived and vagabond, not until they can find what they’re longing for: Bliss: How can we find? Portraying your eyes on magnificent man-made edifices, cars—all sort of earthly stuffs promenading luxuriously, ignoring thyself lost control and get drunk in worldly wealth? Or how about reaching the peak of success: the career you choose. Too much of your expectation. That’s enough to feel proud of and celebrate with…but still you aren’t happy—there is something you long for—–was–barren—-EJECT. The impulses become out of order. You feel sorry for not having it finished, “Am I being lunatic? What’s happening to me now?” Your mind panicked. “Relax! Calm down….”

You had to scrutinize. Then went on fixing the out-of ordered impulses. Nothing comes out, tried again. But nothing still. Finally! It goes: Assiduously spending your days, weeks, months and years—entire life! Aren’t you tired of it? Do you or do you not find contentment with it? Is that for you a matter of accomplishment? Have you find happiness with it?

Your head ached, “Eeeeh…can’t hold it…” Scrap it. You burst in tears. Now you knew what you’re asking for. Though hard time finding the answer, mind you, the answer was so simple. It’s GOD. All the sacrifices, accomplishments would be useless if you’re far away from God. Scripture says, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33) Happiness in the world and happiness by your own desires were just partial contentment and enjoyment. It will vanish. Just a click and delete and it’s all gone.

But happiness with God is worthwhile and eternal. Do not let the world evolve around you and don’t let it dictate and motivate your life. Remember that God is a jealous God. Before you accomplish something, accomplish first God to enter in your heart. Have His image copy, paste then print (if you want to). By the way, photo is already programmed. If you’re poignant, just surf on the web of the scriptural passage, meditate with it then you can find poise peace, genuine and eternal happiness.

Kick. Held your foot on the ground and it cramped. It is in this manner that you don’t notice the sun set. How long have you been there? So peculiar, you visualize a crystal, a low-lying crystal drop, drop, drop into the water far away, but how strange! Seemed to be near on your eyesight but you ignore it. Focusing your attention on the sunset, it gaze on its grandeur. Then, you heard your voice echoing, “Whoa…thank you lorddd…Thank God, there is Goddd…” and burst in laughter.



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