The best choice…

The best choice of being a genius is not to be manipulated by acquired skills but of an inner passion rekindled: u have gift…lots of it…but your choice for happiness is still yours. ——-(nejnalz, also used to dream of becoming a genius ,nevertheless found happiness in inner passion over acquired skills.). The Key to happiness for ambitious: simplify your complex life.


Holy Spirit’s words for today

Today the Lord spoke to me to tell you about something important. He loves you so. He don’t want you to work with unhappy heart, complaining and having self-pity. I’m not speaking for myself for I myself is also weak and have lots of flaws. But if GOD commands, either you tremble to heed on His words or tremble of guilt for not listening and doing what He wants you to do. His voice is ever so strong and imperative that I almost cry of fear for a possible consequence if I delay on obeying his command today. TO BE ACCOMPLISHED TODAY as it was clearly stated. My heart was pounding and I started to feel being choked out of fear. So I started to write this only heeding what the HOLY SPIRIT had been dictating on what to write—-no more, no less. —this is for you! You must be so important!

Again, I am not speaking for myself, whether you believe it or not, I am only telling you what the Holy Spirit wants me to tell you. From now on, repent from your sins. Make you heart clean. Be happy since not all are privileged as you.

Always pray before you go to work for guidance for the day at hand. Also, pray before you sleep~~to be thankful of His blessings and keeping you safe. Don’t condemn or disobey your parents. Our Lord is a living GOD and He know what is in your heart. He is willing to listen to you.



(First published in Cascade magazine- vol.23 no.2; March 2008)

Havoc. Pandemonium. A gory queue. Trucks loaded with behead. A storm of agony. The jeering of the foe, scurrilous and defiant, aggravates. It is soul wrenching to witness those slain being mustered to funeral. The families excruciatingly circumvent the coincidence of their grape. Homes at the wake of smoke amalgamate its remaining breath that was slowly turning into coal. Children are no longer confident to play, never with rifles and machine-guns. Birds were even stranded at the safe sky, forever….

How prone are the innocents for possible confusions and misleading! The Book of Revelation prophesies this similar scenario to nothing more but doom. But, God take some considerations. That’s why grants are given as corporal rewards for those who are willing to pay upon their deeds. And, one of that is to be goal-oriented. Intuitions opt which one is the very purpose of things’ existence.

There are these LOVE, JOY, PEACE, LONG-SUFFERING, GENTLENESS, MEEKNESS, GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS, HUMILITY and SELF-CONTROL as what Galatians5:22 tell us what the fruit of the spirit is. But first, let’s  focus with Peace.

Peace starts where the war ends. Peace harmonizes with hope, unity, faith, love, freedom, happiness and good. Peace isn’t hard to find but hard to complement. Peace is in every tongue. Peace is a goal. Peace may be forgotten, for a while and from a distance. Peace may be the product. Peace may be the reason why they created war. Peace satisfies…and it will start with you.

Long way, peace—the idea itself is as old as human civilizations, written in books and passes from generations to generations. The Old Testament enumerates the word peace, its usage, its beginning and its end, or to correct, it’s never ending. The New Testament on the other hand, tells us that war was created as a way of punishment to the evilness of man. However, different religions with different doctrines have their own dogmatic claims on the word “peace”. Each claimed that it is the absence of war, its counterpart. Of course, who would want destruction? Who would want untimely tragic death…Even the subject itself hates its opponent—war, which in its eventualities often receives more attention. The favourite topics of peace-oriented entourage are the guns, bullets, bombs, battleships, missiles, armed forces, bandits and those killed. Why aren’t they talking about peace without having its opponent as tail? Is the sound of gun complements peace? Does explosion runs a mile of peace? Are those resting in peace victims of war really are in peace? Do they really define what they believe and fought for? How about those innocents who choose neither peace nor war?

Conflicts starts with differing opinions, racism, cultural differences breeding suspicion, misunderstanding and conflict itself. Economic conditions also stand as one weighty ground. Third word-countries struggled for complete control of vital natural resources. Then, there will be a fight. Under international law, wars are legal because they represent what has become an acceptable practice of nations protecting their states. Yet, debatable obstacle relates to the widespread belief that wars are the means of solving problems. Was it really? Or we’re just flocking at the wrong site…

War was created because people want peace. They want fair justice. Aye! We achieved freedom and independence because of our heroes and heroines shedding blood in the battlefield. A loser they may be but our country sings its anthem, a victor! People give way to celebration and rejoice. However, they often ignore the long-term consequences where one generates a later one, then another, a seized fire, resume, and again. The property, money and lives are the vital capitals to invest both a winner and a loser. Otherwise, the profit would be both.

There ever been an agreement on how to achieve peace. Some preached a doctrine of universal love. Some visualized brotherhood and renouncing against international violence of any type refusing on the basis of religion, humanitarian, philosophical or social justice principles. Then, the Nobel Peace Prize was born: the annual awards to men and women who confer the greatest benefit on mankind in any fields of scientific studies and mostly those who has greatest contributions to world peace. The peace prize starts at the founder’s death. It was Alfred Nobel who is considered the father of modern dynamite and other explosives. Hence, he was responsible in the worldwide fatal accidents of his time. It was he who generates more destructive force intensifying warfare. It was by his idea that continues to experiment and innovate more powerful weapon. It was by his great wisdom that people find ways to eliminate fatal accidents through explosives. It was by him that people make aware of protecting themselves and their property. If we will spend time studying the life of Alfred Nobel, we can relate why he did experiments and inventions, which could do nothing good to man but destruction. At first, he was degenerated by his personal interest ignoring million lives killed and more still at stake. But, as he grew older, wealthier, weaker, uncontended and unhappy, he realized that nothing can satisfy man’s thirst for wealth, not even the wealth itself. Same as nothing can dictate death when it will come. Nothing can stop it when it is time. His life could have been spared if he only let the physicians cure him with Nitro-glycerine, a chemical substance that made up his greatest invention—dynamite. He said that letting the very substance which killed million lives enter his body is likely to prolong his life at the expense of those killed. Alas! It was by him that people realized how to communicate peace. Violence could not be the answer to violence or threat to threat. The solution may be the problem itself but we have to pore on different angles. Was it necessary? Or we are just used to.

There were exact explanations why these things happen and the consequences may be good or bad. Let’s just embrace the fact that perfection is hard to find in this vast world. For me, peace dispels superfluous assurance. Walks of life found it literal, concrete or abstract, with different levels. Peace for others may be if they succeed. Peace may be if they deemed desirable. Peace for others may also be if they give, share and forgive. Peace starts at home where there was a total absence of violence and conflict but the presence of love and fear of GOD, living and doing HIS will. How prosperous and peaceful our country is if having citizens like these! (Jenny Nalzaro)

An Open Letter To Those Who Doubt or Deny God

OUR GOD IS HERE—in this room, in your heart, he is near, nearer than breath, heartbeat, nearer than you are closer to second chance….more real than touch……..


It has been a while since this most commented of posts has received much traffic. When I was read Psalm 53:1 in today’s scripture reading, I thought it might be time for a revisit…

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” Psalm 53:1

Read: Numbers 14:1 – 15:16, Mark 14:53-72, Psalm 53:1-6, Proverbs 11:4

To The Doubting Christian – If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things. – Rene’ Descartes Doubt isn’t the opposite of faith, it is an element of faith. – Paul Tillich

To The Agnostic – Question with boldness even the existence of God; because, if there be one, He must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear. – Thomas Jefferson

The Militant Atheist – Man is manifestly not the measure…

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(Upon failure to steal any picture of my former coach to post here is this man who looks older than him. I hope he won’t kill me for this <chuckle>)

(Originally published in the Cascade magazine cy 2007; revised 2013 @ WordPress)

Half rotten eggs roll by and splash. They chase me. So cuddly. The puppies were all over spreading their cutest smile. It’s as if I’ll be playing Lizzie McGuirre. I doubt but promise not to write at my hectic schedule but my pen just pulled me up, said, “Come on in, start blowing me up!” to scream at everybody’s mad-full thought connected beyond differences and genuinely. Enough of melancholy. There’s enough closet to cater that.

Once, I’ve enter I allow myself quaff all possible perplexities, rendezvous of whether bliss and nightmare and of course, fun and excitement. We youth had that spirit—being ecstatic: to try something new and extraordinary. But said usually by mommies, “Okay…but I just don’t want to see you cry when you get nothing good at it.” Yeah! To try and be ready to win and win. If fail, who said unfair.

I’ve learned to love myself more at the eruption of million’s affection. I’ve learned to care more once touched by their sincere tap—silent yet real and felt. I’ve learn to trust myself as the crowds cheered—unaired amaze though influenced. I’ve learned to fight back as a call of duty. Having sides at least on the good is where I rest my feet defending undefeated and supposed triumph. We are not the tail but the head. All are leaders. A follower is an obvious instance. We have to deny nothing from our own existence but our cowardice from anything desirable of competing for. Grow up, stretch to reach on top. Develop, and then share. That would be the greatest achievement from your endeavour.

Learning across splattered inks or matrix of odds and evens takes time, energy, fear and anxiety. Well of course, the idea doesn’t focus on it constantly…all learning were. A pal said that the easiest way to learn is to let yourself surround with people smarter than you are. Why not? If you’re the most privileged thinker even a bogus pretender and the rest were mediocre at that fleeting, how could you learn or at least snatch something new? Same with certain chess guru that to be a grandmaster you’ll have to spend time, sweat, enough nerves, patience, focus, perseverance, commitment and other personal character will do the rest which will lead you to either glory or defeat. True to it that at first, he scared me maybe because his style of training is where I didn’t used to—to where I thought drags my courage and confidence worse. The course of everyday practice turns into usual almost and always bad. I could remember those defeated exercises that brought me home silent, exhausted and frustrated. So, I decided to glue myself at home and promised not to get back unless have my own tactics. And, that was the beginning of his smiles. I even no longer heard his usual “Unsa ka man oi!” every time I do the wrong moves of carelessness. To pay the price, I felt the gold medal I received from that tournament seemed heavier than the collective abstract sweat and headache I gained from the consecutive practice of losing. At last I rejoiced, “So, this is how it feels.”

Well, learning to correct my own presides after others did so. Learning from neither knowledge nor skills but the attitudes l haven’t notice all those past years adds my being. Hence, remind me of my own weaknesses that I have to deal with. Others are obvious and gutsy but more still to go waiting to be unravelled along with unexpected thorns and pebbles.

Plead not. We can’t assess our former foolishness if our will is ruled by our passion. We can’t learn from anything controlled by barriers of vice and lack of faith. However, privilege to choose, man’s fate can be drawn through his own idiosyncrasy. And somewhat, there’s so much thing we have to learn from our past experiences and to react is to laugh about them, celebrate each crazy unsatisfying decision making, enlighten the pessimistic feelings of distress that once was warm and glow. After all, being tired is not final and to rest doesn’t mean in stationary passive wander by extravagant spirits of lad and lass even at 60s. Truth is, I had just recovered out from one unfulfilled expectation. But I had learned my lesson. Not all desires munch at seconds or whatever wanted. Not always, not all at once and still not one at a time. It’s just that you have to appreciate the art of perfect timing and God alone knew when it will be better than men’s omniscience. Work hard while you pray.



(Originally published in the Cascade magazine cy 2007)

God created the world out of love. Love then has shared by HIS people. The chain that connects race beyond and beneath the reach of mortal hands. Aliens if it’s real, thus, have GOD’s fair and equal care. In our today’s domination of men, of all high-ranked men ruled over men, competition bathed all walks. Why there are businessmen? Why compose business? There! The essence of competition each desire-carrier has the answer.

Thousands of years counted brawls. Reasons grappled by their own pride on metrical sensibilities. We had witness the downfall of great empires. We shared the glorious victory of the oppressed. We wept at their misfortune, hence, shall celebrate their independence.

It took some time to relinquish against history of horror when appear in the desert of mighty luxury. Is mind valiant than heart? The more the mind wants the more pain it has. The more it speaks, the more desire and the more failure have to come. Now, speak your heart. When we are angry, we see the world of aggression and injustice. When frightened, we see only our fears, a menacing world. In our confusion, the whole world seems upside down. When we relate from our heart, we see a world of awareness and effortless activity. When we relate from the mind, our perception of the world is imprisoned by our presence and thirsts. To relate and reflect ask this yourself: “How can I be happy when I depend so much on what is given to create my happiness? How can I depend so much on external condition for my peace of mind?”

Well, have I created you confusion? Or, have I shared a part of me to render the key long way towards your conscious yet unconcern restrain?

Freedom, the word itself was invented because there is oppression and injustice. We started to understand its existence on the hour of Lucifer’s ungrateful betrayal. Thus, his pitfall ends in flaming hell. Evil knows more than we do what freedom is. He desired freedom, in fact, which is to end being under his king, the mightiest of all rulers, remain a living example of man’s sinful acts over his brothers. An evil knows no exemptions. There is no thicker of the thickest blood when he manipulates.

Our human nature, sinful and imperfect makes use of those given freedom (which some created by men) to trample helpless beings, of dragging down their also known own freedom. Controlling our lives is one way of practical tame on its understandings, to control is of a sheer domination—mind, body, sound, beats, whispers, counts and cheers. Isn’t it good on fixation nonetheless of your territories and claimed belongings? Nobody has the control on others except GOD. Even husbands themselves neither wives have complete control on each other. We may however, have our own status and rules to follow in this vast world. The world of almost and always denied, which in its eventualities has in this world. The world of almost and always denied supposed justice. Whereupon, all souls-searching peace and unholy will be equal on its whip. No more status, no longer rulers nor slaves. Evils will be punished and denied the lounge even at the heaven’s gate. Evil in this world looks no evil, have neither wagging tails nor two-pointed horns. But as I’ve said all will be judged not by jurors’ product of popular law- schools. Even to top at bar exam isn’t needed, at all. Whenever possible, try to secure your passport, almost aware and always prepared. That passport is no more than a transact card, a booklet or a piece of something in a way to travel overseas. More than that as you could imagine. It is a business card for transacting goodies of unimagined life after life after life. Keep it. Be good and God-fearing faithful servants. Serve those weak and helpless. That passport may look thin but it is pretty much thick of words and principles, passages, verses, praises, emotions, anointment, hopes, faith and greatness contained in any but only in The Holy Book —BIBLE.

I wish nothing could stop me on running this 2B staedtler. Bunch of words and unlimited ideas started to splash and soak these piles of papers but let me be to end this, mean to draw conclusion. Notwithstanding, I also am human. I slipped off to pronounce but “I have to rest…it’s getting late.” I pray that desires of human nature may not take lead higher than those contented peace of mind. I pray that our physical weaknesses like thirst, hunger and tiredness won’t get us into nonsense vengeance or pessimism and death. Actually, I was astonished to confirm but I admit, I am ruled at this very moment by my heart. Emotions imprint uncontrolled products of emotion. There! So that you’ll be aware to take hold and control of your emotion. Cheer up. God had seen you bewildered but against any forces (external, evil, good…), He will enlighten your mind and pamper your heart.